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Towards Effective Private partnership
Towards Improving Productivity
    • Obtain quality fertilizers from reputable suppliers especially FEPSAN members
      Store unused fertilizer away from children, fire, rain and entry of foreign material.
      Form groups/associations to benefit from group/association dynamics
      Allow your crops to fully mature to get quality and value
      Report adulterated fertilizer to the appropriate authority
  • 1. Extraordinary General Meeting of West Africa Fertilizer Association (WAFA), 27th - 28th September 2016. Accra Ghana. Click for details

    2. Agric Expo & conference, 26th - 28th September, 2016. Abuja, Nigeria . Click for details

    3. AGRA Innovate Westafrica crop production, processing and manufacturing tradeshow, 23rd - 25th November 2016.Click for details

    4. 8th Annual Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer conference in Cape Town, South Africa. 15th -17th February, 2016. Click for details


    The Fertilizer Producers & Suppliers Association of Nigeria (FEPSAN) is a national trade association of fertilizer manufacturers, importers, blending plants and major distributors and dealers in Nigeria. The association was set up to represent the needs and interests of fertilizer manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and dealers in Nigeria. The Association was launched in Abuja in February 2004. Its membership is open to all registered companies under the Nigerian laws dealing with manufacturing, importation, blending, and distribution of good quality fertilizers. Other related bodies/organizations or individuals may be considered as affiliate members.

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To provide a platform for the stakeholders in the public and private sectors of the fertilizer industry to develop effective public private partnership in order to ensure timely supply of adequate quantity and quality fertilizers; and to promote professional, moral and ethical practices in the industry.


Attain improved productivity and environmental sustainability of Nigerian Agriculture through balanced and judicious use of fertilizers

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